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Medical opinions

Medical opinions

Dr. Robert j. McCartney
Recommends the enlargement program of PenisXL

June 16 ,2005
To: PenisXL.
From: Dr. Robert j. McCartney, PhD for psycholog
Recommendation : PenisXL penis enlargement plan

For several years I’m in the field of medicine, and I was a little amazes by your claims. In my study years and research I’ve never encountered a program that “claimed” to solve the penis size problem. So I decided to test your program. I know from personal research that psychologically, women subconsciously are physically attracted to men with a big penis. This always made many men feel insecure about their penis size.

Increasing the penis strength, ability and performance:

At the beginning I was surprised from quality of the online manual. After reading some of the techniques, I’ve noticed that the program includes techniques that were invented by Dr. Kegel. I already knew that these techniques have been proven as enlarging the extent and sexual potency.. After experimenting these techniques I understand that your techniques do work. Personally, I’ve experienced a dramatic increase in my sexual potency, and I have the ability to control my penis muscles, what enables me to prevent early ejaculation.

The techniques that Dr. Kegel has invented are only a small part of your program. With the help of the photos, I’ve also learned techniques I didn’t know before. After only few weeks , significant achievement have been accomplished both in a loose and erection state. The PenisXL program is really unique, and I’m personally going to recommend it to everybody, both privately and professionally. Many people in my field are been prevented from talking or even exploring these programs, it’s just ignorance. If a patient of mine comes to me and says he wants a advice about strengthening of enlarging the penis, i'll recommend PenisXL without hesitation.

The enlargement program of PenisXL is the most secure and easy method for enlarging the strength and size of your penis and self confidence, and it works!

Dr. Robert j. McCartney
PhD for psychology

Dr. P.J Salgauro
Specialist for urology, andrology and sexuality

In all of my extended career as an andrology and urology physician I’ve received thousands of patients that came to consult me to find a solution to their sexual problems. The PenisXL program has changed the lives of many of my patients, which have achieved a bigger and stronger penis.Furthermore, this program has contributed them to stronger and longer ejaculations. Some even reported on an increase in their sexual urge.

to conclude , i would recommend PenisXL to all panties who wish to enlarge their penis PenisXL program is the safest and most effective to anyone who wishes to enlarge his penis without unnecessary risks. i'm really proud to support this amazing program.

Dr. P.J Salgauro
Specialist for urology, andrology and sexuality

Dr. Antonio Salas,
A medical expert in the field of urology and sexology

PenisXL is a new and revolutionary program in the world of sexology; it’s the most effective treatment program patients who suffer from psychological problems and problems of self esteem due to theirs penis size and weakness. I approve that my patients have experienced an improvement both psychologically and physically.

The PenisXL program is totally natural and there is no health risk. It’s a very full program for people who find themselves frustrated or unsatisfied with their penis. I recommend PenisXL for every person that is unsatisfied from the size and capacity of his penis. The results would not come late.

Dr. Antonio Salas,
A medical expert in the field of urology and sexology

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